Books Review: Why Samsung?

by - November 09, 2016

Deskripsi Singkat Tentang Buku

Judul (edisi Indonesia): Why Samsung
Penulis: Koh Seung-Hee, dkk.
ISBN: 9786027888586
Jumlah Halaman: 292
Terbit: Agustus 2013
Penerbit: Bentang Pusaka

So what is on your mind when you heard Samsung? You might be thinking about smartphone, tv, semiconductor, and so on. The fact is, those products are only a piece of masterpiece from Samsung. Samsung was build from merging several business units about perusahaan pengolah beras into Samsung Industry at 1936. 

About this book, this book was written by Koh Seung-Hee and friends. Actually, the book itself is in English version named Why Samsung Story and later on was translated by Pradipta Nurmaya & Renci into Indonesia.

After all, this book describing an international well known company, Samsung, since it was established by its first president, Hoam Lee Byung Chul. It is also describing steps (management etc) that were taken in crucial periods of company development (you could name it such as world war, national monetary crisis, and so on). 

Samsung, representing symbol of Korean spirit and ethic, was built through a philosophy that a company could construct (in real life) a good society. Samsung men, represent all workers in Samsung, were trained in how to build and implement values of the company.

For your information, when national monetary crisis came, Samsung is one of few companies that stood up by itself and helped Korea to pass the crisis through smart business strategies, steps, and actions (while the others companies, most of all, need government help to cover up their debt). With such a strong foundation in its basic management, strong visionary leadership, and determination in building and implementing a good society, Samsung Men could over through all those hardships until Samsung now become a World Leader Company in Technology Development.

At the end, although this book may catch your mind, but if you dont have any related background about company management, it is a little bit hard to understand the most of it. I am, myself, could understand only let say 1/8 of it lol. As i mentioned above, this book tells you about management steps, actions, and etc that were taken. So, you might be thinking it first before buying this book if you dont have any related background. Overall, this book's rating is 6/10 at least for me and might be 8/10 or even 9/10 for the others especially for someone who have any related background about company management. 

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