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by - January 10, 2015

@sharing is a book and was made by Handry Satriago. Handry Satriago is currently the CEO General Electrics in Indonesia. Having a wheeled chair around 17yo does not stop him to develop. Simply, this book is about his tweets on twitter (which is i do not expect so). The publisher divided it into several parts. At first i thought that this book is like an autobiography, so i expect more rather than just a merely "tweets". But things that have been brought must be reviewed. Let the review begin,

This book has 4 parts
  1. About His Life (what he had been trough)
  2. Indonesia and the World (why Indonesia, and putting Indonesia vs World)
  3. Leadership and Followership (the difference, and tips tricks to be a great leader)
  4. Management: Concept, Theory, and Application (In GE)

I will only review part 1, the rest you could buy it to appreciate his works ^^

1. About His Life
His life is starts to change at 17 yo. No one could expect, even himself, at the age of 17 he had to use a wheelchair. He said, facing the reality is the first step. We have to accept this fact, we have to accept this condition, and moreover we can not deny the reality. How hard we try to deny the reality, the reality will not change. Reality is reality. After taking a deep breath, and realizing the condition we shall move on to next step.

Instead of staying at house, he chose to go outside. There is no good point being let say it galau and staying at the house. He chose to go outside, again accepting reality and continues to move. 

"You have a the psychological aspect of the problem, you can solve the technical easily then problem solved."
but remember, 
"Leaders seem forget the psychological aspect of their problem, frequently blinded by technical yet they do not solve problem"
"the psychological aspect of problem mostly driven by ourselves. Thats why lead yourselves first to lead your people"

He said that every people who faced problem will soon had his steel-mental (perhaps?) after solving the problem. Again, he stated how important to accept reality and making the next move :)

Back to his childhood, we could find something different (rather than me) about his childhood. He starts everything with why, and he is given chance to ask and tell everything and always being heard by his parents although it is not rare that the questions were not answered. He just threw as much questions as he found yet his parent never argue about it or even prohibit him. When he heard a story let say a cinderella, later he will retell the story with his imagination, several modifications are made, if he is stuck, he would say "Thats it, the story over" LOL

Ever heard about Pygmalion Effect? If no, you could google it, His mom always teach him that submission (i dont know what words could represent pasrah perfectly) is important. Submission is not just about accepting and waiting. It is about what ikhtiar that you have been do, and you give the result to God.
In short, his daddy always told about grow and being competitive while his mom always told about accepting and managing people.

He also defines the meaning of success. Success could be defined by yourselves and the others, We have to accept challenge, life is not easy, This is life, challenge are exist to make us grow. So define your success, reflect and learn, achieve, create new challenge :)

As a normal man, Handry of course having mistakes and failures. At first time working in GE, when he asked what he has to do, his boss replied "make your first mistake and learn from it". One of it like when his team had someone new, he always have in mind that "the new person" is not having a good experience, my networks are wider, and i know everything rather than him. The time when we disrespect the others, it is the time for us to block ourselves to learn. We have to work together as a team, no need to be barking "Hey this is my works". We have to be a diamond. Your job is shining, diamond is to be found, no need to bark around to be found.

Another mistakes is when presenting our idea, sometimes our idea were rejected not because it is not good enough, not good solution, sometimes it is rejected because we could not present it well. No body have enough time to listen to any details on our idea, so we need strategy to present it. He learnt Four Blocker way, which a slide is divided into 4 square no more. We have to speak in an elevator speech, means we have present it as fast as we are standing in an elevator, fast, efficient (not effective), and interesting. Dont forget to elaborate it with what are the advantages using this rather than the old one, why this is important. Last thing, dont forget to train yourself before presenting.

Lets back with the diamond, there will be time for us to expose ourselves. One of momentum is when having a crisis. We could expose ourselves with our skills and lead people to solve the problem. Remember, this is the difference between leader and do-er. Leader lead something and get ready for the response while do-er only do what boss said, while leader is not do what boss already said, somehow make an initiative way and followed by creative moves.

About life, our life outline has been made by God since we are not born yet, the problem is not arguing, protesting, and denying the reality, but live with it, and fulfill it with your own way. Take example such as Arief Rachman as a Headquarter of Labs School, till now he is still a teacher. Everyone's life has been outlined, but still, we have our own way to live with it. The most important thing is that, every way that we have been chose, there are happiness with it. Find your Happiness! 

Overall, this book is good. It could open our mind about life. It could be a good or motivation for those engineering students. Good night :)

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